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Welcome to Mica!

Mica is the only co-operative group of its kind for DIY/Hardware stores in the UK.

As a consumer, our logo above the door means a reputable, price conscious shop offering expert product knowledge and customer service.

As a retailer, we can offer your business flexible & dynamic marketing, competitive group buying terms and complimentary retail support. Mica produces monthly advertising driving customers instore, dealing with the biggest brand names.

We are the sum of our members, here purely to help the independent sector thrive.

Find your nearest Mica Store

Click anywhere on the map to find information on your nearest Mica stores. Each marker represents a store location. We have stores in all four countries of the United Kingdom, as well as several within Greater London.

Shelton Mica DIY & Home, complete with new windows and signage

Breaking News

New member reboots store under Mica brand

Shelton Mica DIY & Home is now open for business on Sun Street in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, sitting in the heart of the community as the first independent DIY store to open in the city for many years.